Mindful Fusion Yoga Classes

Mindful Fusion Speciality Yoga Class:

All mindful fusion yoga classes are based on maintaining function for daily ‘moving with ease’ using movement exploration rather than striving to reach a final destination on what one perceives to be the perfect ‘yoga text book pose.’ If you are interested in investing time to slow down and the potential to release tension and stress from your physical body and calming a busy mind whilst continuing to build strength and stamina, then these classes might just be what you are looking for.

Classic hatha yoga and *somatic processes are entwined during this 2.5 hour class. The pace of this class is generally slower than others cultivating an infusion of breath, strength, flexibility with harmonious relaxation.

Classes are about getting to know “YOU” on a deep and personal level and delivered with a strong emphasis of mindfulness that will take you beyond your external physical form to the inner landscape of your essential being, what it is like to be in your body and to love and nurture yourself.

Every movement practiced with attention and intention exposes us to an invitation to rediscover our bodies uniqueness in ways that are not predetermined by experience.

There are no advanced or pretzel like poses given in these classes, only time to unravel stress and tension and reveal the treasure of mysteries that lie within you.

*A simple somatics definition: “the body experienced from within”

Restorative Speciality Yoga Class:

These speciality sessions with a duration of 2.5 – 3 hours are carefully crafted to allow time for you the slow down and nurture your mind, body and spirit. You may be thinking why is it so important to slow down, the answer is slowing down allows for the nervous system to register what is necessary for self-regulation and healing.

The Menu
Movement – slow flowing movement to music to allow the instinctual self to rise to the surface in preparation for deep listening
Breath – connecting to the breath will provide an anchor for the mind to focus and land into the present moment
Stillness – for rest a carefully selected restorative yoga poses will slowly unfold. These restful supported yoga poses will allow the mind to shift from a doing and achieving mindset to a quiet, peaceful mind of just being and healing
Deep Relaxation – for the ultimate in relaxation a guided meditative practice will bring the unconscious desires of the healing mind, body and spirit into consciousness leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Some equipment is provided, but I suggest you bring your own mat.

Fees and Booking

Speciality Fusion Yoga Classes and Restorative Yoga Classes are offered intermittently throughout the year.
All classes are limited in number to maintain a personalised yoga experience.

Locations may vary from time to time and will be available prior to bookings.

Speciality Class Date / Time/ Location

Mindful Fusion Speciality Yoga Class- TBA

Restorative Yoga - TBA



Speciality – Mindful Fusion & Restorative Yoga $40 (2.5 hours)


booking Policy - No refunds are given unless for medical reasons