How long does the class go for?

Class Duration

Yoga Fusion Classes …….. 2.5 hrs  and Prenatal Classes ………..1.5 hrs

Restorative Yoga Class …… 2.5 hrs+

Do I need any experience to attend Ongoing Classes?

No experience is necessary to attend our classes.  Students will be given variations and modifications to meet them were there are at, to ensure that a positive experience is had by all.
We encourage Prenatal students to commence practice in there second trimester.  You are welcome to contact Carol on 0422 076 302 to discuss any queries you may have.


When do your classes run and where?

Prenatal classes are held in terms following approximately SA School terms 

Prenatal classes can be attended by purchasing a Term Pass / 5 Class Pass to be used within a given term,  / or on a casual basis subject to space availability.  Bookings are essential as student numbers are limited to provide a personalised yoga experience.

Mindful fusion yoga and Restorative Classes are held periodically at various venues.


What should I wear to class?
  • Wear comfortable loose fitting or stretchy clothing allowing free breath and body movement.
  • Layers of clothing in cooler months will allow you to regulate your own body temperature. It is advisable to wear socks during relaxation in the cooler months.
  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so slip on shoes for ease of removal and putting back on are ideal
  • Long hair is best tied back to avoid distraction during class
Can I eat before class?
It is best to practice on an empty stomach so allow at least 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours after a meal before class. If for medical reasons you need to eat before class choose something light.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
Our space is equipped with all the props needed for yoga,  however if you have your own mat please bring it with you. When using our mats we do ask at the end of the session that you wipe it over with the spray provided to maintain our high standard of cleanliness. We also suggest that you bring a towel or shawl to cover over the blanket / bolster when ever your face is making contact with either.

We do not sell non-slip sticky mats nor blocks and belts at the studio but they can be purchased from local retail Stores or by purchasing from Yoga supply companies such as EMP /
I Yoga Props or Yoga King.

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

At first glance it may seem that yoga and Pilates are very similar. Joseph Pilates developed his techniques to strengthen the physical body with the emphasis on controlled, precise movements executed with complete focus to strength the core.

Yoga besides challenging our physical ability in asana (poses), yoga uses other techniques such as pranayama (breathing), visualization and meditation to balance all aspects of our lives. As well as improved flexibility, strength, balance and muscle tone, yoga practice is mentally and emotionally restorative and can help manage or prevent stress and tension.

Both Yoga and Pilates are great disciplines to include in your wellness regime.

How can I attend yoga classes

Prenatal can be attended by purchasing a Term Class Pass or 5 Class Pass to be used within a Term offering savings on casual fees. Casual class attendance is subject to availability.Please note all Passes are non-refundable with the exception of a written medical reason or in the case of Prenatal early birthing.

Bookings can be made via SMS:
Carol for Prenatal Yoga 0422 076 302 – Payment options PayID registered using mobile number: 0422 076 302 or EFT Carol Schmidt BSB: 065034 Acc: 010178922

Pass Policy:  Term Passes attract are to be used within the given term so please choose the product that suits your needs.  

Other considerations
It is best to avoid wearing strong perfume to class as this can cause discomfort to some people.
Make sure as you enter the room that you turn your MOBILE PHONE to SILIENT OR OFF so it does not cause disruption during class especially in the relaxation period.