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Carol – My Style of Yoga

My classes include physical postures/movements to bring physical ease and strength (asana), relaxation, meditation, visualisation and breathing practices, all designed specifically to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Emphasis is placed on listening to your body, being present with yourself and working with your limits.

Classes encourage you to connect with your baby and the changes in your body, and are also a great opportunity to meet and connect with other pregnant women. I start each class with a facilitated reflection time about where you are at in your pregnancy journey, with an opportunity to share your reflections with the group. Many students say this is their favourite part of their class!

My prenatal classes cater for beginners as well as experienced yoga students. I recommend you start classes any time from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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I see yoga as a tremendous way of coming ‘home’ to yourself – of connecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our beings, and bringing balance and vitality to all areas of life.

Yoga has been an important part of my life for ​more than twenty years. I have studied and loved many styles of yoga around Australia. I am a  certified yoga teacher through Yoga Spirit Studios ​(500 hours), registered as a Level 1 member of Yoga Australia, and have done additional studies in prenatal yoga teacher training (Bliss Baby Yoga 2016) and pelvic floor and hormone balancing yoga teacher training (Lisa Fitzpatrick, 2021).

I teach mainly hatha based yoga with the emphasis on listening to the wisdom of your body, connecting to your breath, maximising ease and preventing injury.